Oh no! Space Bee's jetpack has malfunctioned during a routine mining expedition, and it's up to you to guide him home! It's time to go with "Plan Bee."


SPACEBAR changes the direction of flight. 

CIRCLE OBSTACLES AND ENEMIES to vaporize them and gain points!

Avoid crashing into objects long enough to FIND THE GOLDEN WORMHOLE to progress to the next level.



This version of Plan Bee is our [updated] entry to the GMTK Game Jam 2020, themed "Out of Control," and created entirely over the course of 48 hours. 

Please consider giving our game a rating if you enjoyed it!

Michael "Sibsoon" Keller - Programming/Level Design

H.L. "snugglebee" Mora - Artist/Sound/Concept

Adolfo "Shadow" Almonte - Game Design/Level Design

UI hearts created by Chair The Llama.

"Plan Bee" logo design by H.L. Mora with fonts "Bolognaise" from Balpirick Studio and "Arco" by Rafael Olivo.


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Cool Game I love it!

Oh my lord that jetpack sound is horrible man

we are aware that the sound balancing is not as ideal, but there is only so much you can do/think of in 48h.


Really fun and cute, Would love to see this 48 hour concept as a polished mobile game


Love the controls!


This is my fav game so far it's so satisfying!! 

I am so glad you like it!